Long Island Tours

Meet Ms. Carole Celiberti Lucca

Carole C. Lucca , "Long island most experienced tour guide" is a licensed NYS certified educator and former teacher with experience in public and private schools. Her love of teaching prompted her to start the tour guide service Around Long Island 14 years ago. After researching in depth the many diverse attractions of interest in and around Long Island's towns, villages, and hamlets, she created original day tour itineraries that emphasize the historic, artistic, and cultural sites that are uncovered and then revealed for groups who enjoy her day tours.

The touring service has been featured in Group Tour Magazine twice in the last three years and the "Slice of Long Island To Go" theme is divided into several catagories all organized by Carole to showcase different parts of Long Island. Her philsophy and enthusiam is apparent on each tour. Standing with mic in hand, Carole starts a new group with her original Poem "Long Island Discovered" a work in progress, and proceeds to narrate from there.

Stories about Long Island people and places are a part of her presentation and there is always a bit of humor on board. Each tour ends with a "sweet taste of LI" another of her original ideas. The demand for her service has now promted two more guides to join Carole around Long island and some off island experiences are now adding to her itineraries. "Long Island is true to its name; It's very,very 'long 'and the drive time from place to place should be an "edu-tainment" kind of experience," she often says. "Learning and Laughter, being together with folks who enjoy traveling just makes my day" When not researching or touring, Carole enjoys family and friends, singing and reading, volunteering and persuing new ideas.