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Historic Homes of Long Island

At the turn of the last century, Long Island’s north shore was home to such extravagant wealth and style it became known as the “Gold Coast.” America’s first captains of industry amassed great fortunes in a time before any sort of federal regulation or taxes on acquired wealth, and built the American equivalent of castles and chateaus. More than 500 mansions graced Long Island in the early decades of the 20th century.

Walt Whitman

Huntington Sta, NY In 1819, Walt Whitman, widely recognized as America's greatest poet, was born in a small farmhouse in the rural Long Island community of West Hills in the town of Huntington. Whitman’s writings are treasured for capturing the nation’s spirit during the nineteenth century and examining some of the era’s most significant events including westward expansion, immigration, slavery, and the Civil War.

Barklie McKee Henry Estate

Otto Herman Kahn Estate
Barklie McKee Henry estate designed by Noel & Miller c. 1930 in Old Westbury. Henry was married to Harry Payne and Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney's daughter Barbara Whitney and later Margaret Trowbridge. He was a director at AT&T, president of the board of New York Hospital and a trustee at Cooper Union among other things. The house was demolished in 1975, the only Noel & Miller commission on Long Island to suffer that fate.

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